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Two Professional Programs for Continuing Education are offered:
Integrative Clinical Reflexology and Auricular Acupuncture-"Acu-Detox" NADA (National Association of Detoxification Acupuncture) Protocol
Integrative Clinical Reflexology  is a program teaching beginning to advanced reflexology therapeutics, incorporating traditional health and reflexology understanding with holistic concepts and bio-energetic interpretation .  It is a comprehensive program of advancing levels creating a personal and/or professional practice of integrative reflexology, utilizing the feet, hands and ears, to provide focused holistic care.  Each level addresses a specific body of knowledge, complements traditional and alternative health care and can be incorporated into immediate personal practice. This program, of advancing skill levels, offers the individuals from all backgrounds to the nurse/ health professional a holistic therapy that can enhance care in stress, discomfort and symptom management.  Integrative Clinical Reflexology, combined with a medical foundation and energetic perception, creates a powerful modality to impact health and healing.  The completed program will give the nurse the skills and understanding to create an independent  integrative reflexology practice. 
The Integrative Reflexology Program  meets the requirements for national certification testing through the American Reflexology Certification Board and has been accredited by the American Commission for Accreditation of Reflexology Education and Training.  Continuing education has been approved through the American Reflexology Certification Board..  
It is an Integrative Reflexology Program designed to meet the advanced educational needs and interest of the health professional for practice.

Integrative Clinical Reflexology- Program Highlights

2018 Dates:  TBA

  • Four advancing levels of study in touch techniques, traditional health care and holistic interpretation.
  • All levels all materials need for class, including a book, a program manual and practice tools.
  • The Level One program maybe taken independently and future levels or national certification testing is optional
  • Each level totals 35 hours, consisting of 15 hours of class time, 15 practice sessions and 1 book review (5 hours)
  • The completed 4-Level program is 150 hours with the additional 10 networking study: 60 hours of personalized classes and 90 hours of reviewed independent study (110 hours are required by ARCB for national testing)
  • Please confirm all registrations personally for any schedule changes
  • Please go to naturalwellnessandhealing.com for a more detailed description of these programs
  • The cost of each two-day level is $335.00

Level One "Impact Reflexology"

An Introduction to Hand and Foot Reflexology- (this level is open to all interest levels)

  • Learn to assess patterns of stress in the mind/body, bio-energetics and relaxation responses in the foot and hands.  Utilize whole hand to foot techniques to release tension and create a deep sense of relaxation , promote comfort and pain relief in acute and chronic conditions

Level Two: Focused Foot and Hand Reflexology

  • Reflexology for relaxation combined with focused hand and finger techniques to provide general, as well as, a more specific reflex response for symptom relief and management.  Identify body/mind dis-ease symptom patterns to specific foot and hand reflex areas through somatic mapping, bio-energetic touch points and holistic interpretation.

Level Three: Holistic Reflexology

  • Learn to interpret metaphysical relationships based on meridian, elemental and holistic systems understanding. Practice foot and hand reflexology techniques to promote energetic balance and grounding.

Level Four: Integration into Practice (Can be taken as a one day class)

  • Explore legal, ethical and professional business issues integrating reflexology and/or any holistic modality into a professional practice.  Learn networking, marketing and general business management skills and documentation.  Review skills learned in all levels and integrate into a complete session.

Additional Advanced Reflexology Programs

Auricular and Body Reflexology

  • Learn ear reflexology and clinical interpretation of the external ear structures. Utilize reflexology touch techniques on the ears, back, body, hands and feet. Previous reflexology experience needed.

Naturopathic Nursing

  • Learn functional nursing skills, the lost art of  "hands on assessment", holistic understanding of reflex body communication. 

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Auricular Acupuncture- "Acu-Detox"/  NADA (National Association of Detoxification Acupuncture)
     Acu-Detox is a simple auricular acupuncture technique currently utilized in over 1000 treatment programs in the United States and abroad.  Clinical evidence supports its use in reducing symptoms associated with addictions and withdrawal to substance abuse of drugs, alcohol, smoking and food.  NADA, or National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, has been utilizing this protocol developed by Michael Smith, MD for over 30 years with remarkable results.  Research indicates that along with reduced cravings, clients also report reduced anxiety, better sleep, immediate calming, and improvement in physical, mental and emotional outlook.  Acu-Detox is the foundation to recovery...it is the first step intervention...a "nada"-no-non-sense approach to re-balancing well-being and is applicable to many stress induced situations.   Auricular acupuncture is done by placing thin, sterile needles in the ear at 5 specific acu-points and are left in place for 30-45 minutes. As the needles begin to work, changes in energy flow may be noticed and a rapid onset of deep gratifying relaxation may occur.  The effects  often lasts for days and be supported by adjunct therapies and  bodywork. 
Learn the 5-needle auricular acupuncture protocol shown to be beneficial for detoxification from substance abuse and addictions, as well as, help with emotional, physical and psychological challenges associated with stress, anxiety, pain and general comfort management.  NADA trained clinicians learn to apply fine, gauge one-time use, needles to the ears while the client relaxes quietly for up to an hour.  Program includes NADA manual, all necessary needling supplies and an ear model. 
Nurses licensed in Ohio may practice this modality with a physicians order. 
Additional information may be found on the home page link
2018 Program Dates:  Sept 10-11,  October 5-6,  Dec 7-8
Cost : $500.00 per two day program and follow up personal consultation and evaluation, and also includes registration with NADA, all needling and auriculotherapy supplies and a 200+ page manual (170.00 value)


Auricular Acupuncture can be beneficial for:
-  Pain relief
-  Respiratory conditions
-  Gynecological imbalance, PMS, menopause, fertlity
-  Food cravings (especially carbs and sugar)
-  Digestive upsets & eating disorders
-  Autoimmune and inflammatory conditions
-  Sports injuries
-  Stress, anxiety, tension
-  Cravings for alcohol, drugs, and nicotine
-  Insomnia
-  Anger, irritability, mood swings
-  Depression, sadness
-  PTSD,trauma recovery (post-trauma stress disorder)
-  Internet addiction


Classes maybe taught at your location and group rates are available.


All classes for the Integrative Clinical Reflexolgy Program are held at unless prior arrangements have been made
Barefoot RnR / Natural Wellness & Healing, Inc. 7754 Camargo Rd., Suite 12, Madeira, Ohio 
Pre-registration and confirmation is required of all classes/ levels. 
Please contact J. Morey at 513-271-5881 for additional information.